sailfish os – the true linux experience on your smartphone

From wiki:

Sailfish OS (also styled as SailfishOS[4] or abbreviated to SFOS) is a mobile operating system combining the Linux kernelfor a particular hardware platform use, the open-source Mer core middleware, a proprietary UI contributed by Jolla, and other third-party components.[1][2]

well, i would simply put it as:


if you are a linux user you will be at ease with this phone…

if you turn on developer settings then you have a fully fledged terminal (through terminal app) to do anything like your linux box…. (the lines “with more power comes greater responsibilites” resonates all over)

package manager: RPM

in other words, a rooted phone out of the box, set the root password and you are good to go……so, like all rooted phones, power in your hands….

One huge surprise (to me its the best thing about the phone):

NO back, home & recent keys

  • it’s only gestures you need and that’s how it should have been from the very beginning in a smartphone (touch device)…why do you need the keys?
  • a truly multi-tasking OS in the true sense which you will fall in love straight away….

to me google is no lesser evil than the coporates out there and a phone away from the clutches of google is like a true freedom at last…..

Can android apps (whatsapp, fb and the likes) still run on it?
YES they do but sailifish from its “jolla store” has alternatives for the major android apps.
not to disappoint the “play store” fans they run android apps on a special vm known as “android dalvik cache” in sailfish world which helps you download apps form google play store and run them as normal android apps….

stable but for rare instances when apps just doesnt open for sometime (in the starting stages but the latest update looks good)

it’s a refreshing OS, and if you havent checked it out, I suggest you get your hands on one right away!!!

final verdict – 4 out of 5 stars


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