update/upgrade slackware distro through slackpkg utility

today, i will give a post on how to keep your slackware distro up to date quickly to the latest patches (bugs, security fixes if any) released for the distro the really quick way with slackpkg utility ( default in the distro if you have installed the full installation)….

1. open up /etc/slackpkg/mirrors with your fav text editor
vi /etc/slackpkg/mirrors

2. uncomment the mirror for your distro version or if you want the bleeding edge uncomment a link for slackware-current (note, this is not the stable releases but cutting edge developer’s build…where you have to tinker with issues and fix them if any./…dont uncommnet for production environments…not recommended thoughstill stable…yes i can assure you on that cos its current thats running for me and i feel at home for now with it too)

3. once done, save changes and close the file or exit vi…

4. now, run these four commands one by one….

i. slackpkg update gpg
ii. skackpkg update
iii. slackpkg install-new
iv. slackpkg upgrade-all

5. you can do system clean up after this to ensure no orphan files are present…

well, for now you should check for files with *.new extensions in your system….they are new configuration files that are from your updates for your applications and libraries….

the new files come into existence if you have made any changes to the old configuration files of those respective libraries….in such a case, slackware lets you have keep those old files while an update gives you the new configuration files in .new format so that you can see the difference between them and apply the changes as you wish….

eg: /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf usually have changes for your wireless connection or wifi you added like your essid and password….you get a wpa_supplicant.conf.new on an update so that you can check the diff and apply them…

i recommend going through each new files to see the changes and then remove old configs….

and now you get a brand new slackware( well, basically means you up to date with your times! )

keep slacking!!!

a distro you can tweak to how you want( and most importantly you are in full control)


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