rooting your android phone – a primer for beginners

i know it’s been a long time since i have penned down some thoughts…

the latest post i have got for you is all related to mobile rooting (hacking into your mobile device for more power)

a brief on rooting:

Mobile phones available in the market comes with a stock android (a term referred to android that comes pre-built in our mobile devices) that’s ready to use.

But the major caveat in this is that the system files are locked and we don’t have full access to the device. It’s like a locked device to me and one that is waiting to be explored.

Rooting is used to specify the action where we grant root access (similar to the super user or administrator in linux ) to the user, so that we can access the locked android files too and add more of our own.

Why do we need rooting?

if you google there are plenty of pages with pros and cons of rooting.

Major cons :

  • rooting voids any company warranty left on your device…in simple terms, you cannot take it to an authorized service center after rooting
  • workaround: unroot the device before you take it to the service center. Do a full unroot and they cannot trace if you had rooted the phone before.
  • chance of bricking the device (in rooting world that’s also known as damaging the device due to a corrupted file or hardware part thus rendering it useless) while performing the rooting
  • Now, to the brighter side (pros of rooting):

  • Giving more power to the user
  • Customization of phone right from tweaking hardware and additional softwares to changing the UI (user-interface)
  • Remove limitations of stock android to access system files
  • Customize, customize and more customizations
  • The last line is the only line needed to confirm us to make the switch from an un-rooted device to a rooted device.

    Rooting of mobile phones has come a long way and it is way more reliable than before but yes you got to be warned beforehand as precaution:

    Any firmware or executable on one phone might not necessarily work on your phone.

    Check your phone model, android version and firmware installed to proceed.
    To root your phone, all you need to do is google your phone model, android version and also firmware version to be just super sure to know you got the right tools to proceed.

    The tutorials or step by step procedure for the rooting procedure is all that is needed to perform a successful rooting.

    I rooted my asus zenfone 5 using the below working link:

    hack(root) into my asus zenfone 5

    kindly be warned that I am not responsible for you bricking your device. Not to worry folks, I think this has a success rate of 100% as compared to others. I tried a lot of them and yes could have bricked my device too trying them out.

    What I did after rooting?

    · Used device control (an app for rooted phones available from google play store) to overclock my cpu from 1.3 ghertz to 1.6 ghertz

    · Expand your ram using your physical memory that’s external card memory if any

    · Protect your apps using greenify which monitors apps and puts them to sleep as desired.

    · Gamers, can have a rich hd feel experience playing heavy games, (games that are a load on your phone before rooting it) like N.O.V.A. 3, tegra etc

    · A host of other apps waiting to be tried out if you have rooted your phone.
    . Xposed Framework for customizations to front end,flash your custom ROM ( more like a themer right from kernel to your front end), and a whole lot of tuner apps to check into.

    my view on rooting?
    you give power to yourself and life to your phone once you root it….you can turn any low cost android mobile handset and root it…

    ofcourse you can jailbreak your iphone too….
    do it to have freedom!
    a small last note to remember:
    if you find you lose root access after OTA (over the air) update of your android, you will have to root again…..thats all…just repeat the process in the link…..


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