fluxbox – sticky wonder

i loved fluxbox when i first installed it….
low on resources pretty neat to look at….
here is the sticky think i found…thought to share here too…

basically it lets any application of your wish to stay on top….

if you right click anytime on application taskbar and check the sticky option for the application then any application say firefox for instance stays across workspaces....so that when you switch to a terminal say in another workspace you still have this firefox as a side tab along with the other existing tabs you had in it as well....

no cut of flow also….its way too cool….
thats from the front end….

cli mode:
there is a directory in the home directory of current user namely fluxbox hidden so its .fluxbox....browse the files in it you'd be amazed at the options available....
well the file in concern for us is the apps file which has application window settings saved across sessions....
open the file and add this piece of line to make sticky stick

[app] (name=firefox)
[Sticky] {yes}

i think for low memory footprint and decent usage fluxbox, a fork of blackbox is a nice window manager to have…..


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