setting wallpaper in my fluxbox window manager

simply executing the below command will set your wallpaper immediately but caution you wont have it when you re-login again:

fbsetbg -f /path/to/wallpaper/thatsmywpbaby.jpg

making it stick so that you have your wallpaper on every login:

well yes the right click choose wp and yes i have it option not present here….
 not to be disappointed….just setting a couple of lines and you are good to go…
now open a favorite text editor in console and open the init file present in .fluxbox in the user’s home directory with write permission….

# nano /home/username/.fluxbox/init

add this line to it….

session.screen0.rootCommand: fbsetbg -l

fbsetbg -l means to set the last wallpaper

you can close this file now safely writing the changes to it… we go to add a line to one more file and we are done….
you must have guessed it…there is the last wallpaper file in there too….open it up now and set the file you wish to as your wallpaper….

# nano /home/username/.fluxbox/lastwallpaper

if it doesnt exist make a new file with the same name as mentioned i.e. lastwallpaper….
then add the below line to it….

fbsetbg -f /path/to/wallpaper/thatsmywpbaby.jpg

logout and login and you are done…

you can do a man fbsetbg for more info from the man pages….
-f option for fullscreen i.e. use the full screen for the wallpaper about to be set….

happy slacking!!!


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