slackware no file or directory while trying to run an application that is installed


i have installed a new application or package say skype and all the related dependencies for it..then i try to run skype and i get

/usr/bin/skype : no such file or directory

when you navigate to your /usr/bin directory you see a file there with name skype and so now you are confused….file is listed there in the directory but error says no such file or directory…


well to detail the issue out if the file exists then it is the issue where you run a slackware 64bit os and the file requested is trying to run some file compatible in the 32bit file systems….

alien BOB a trusted contributor to slackware and slackbuilds for years has the resolution in the link below….

i quote here again what he has quoted to make it clearer

the multilib-enabled Slackware64 can compile 32bit binaries,
if you add the right software to it

so what we do here is actually making our slackware64 which is mltilib ready to start interacting with multiple libraries…..

happy slacking!!!


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