no sound in firefox

well i had this weird issue where i get no sound in firefox but all cool with my chromium browser or my mplayer audio-video application….

posted it on and sure enough i got help soon…

thanks to gegechris99 on for the guidance to the right link….

well the particular solution involves editing your /etc/asound.conf file…

if you still dont have it no worries just make a new one with your fav editor and enter the correct card number and device number…

#my asound.conf file
defaults.pcm.card 0 
defaults.pcm.device 3 
defaults.ctl.card 0
#check the device number 3 here refers to HDMI output in my case...the numbers were taken from aplay -l output

you can check your card and device number running aplay -l output….

happy slacking!!!


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