how to check if a package is intalled in my slackware?

*** remember: a new entry is created in /var/log/packages each time a new package is installed.

so you just have to check the packages directory to see it exists or not!


# ls /var/log/packages/flash*
ls to check if flash is installed..

# denotes root user

then our ls command begins

returns an output as no file or directory found if it doesnt exist

or the details of combinaton of each flash + any matching keys(since there is a * a wildcard match to zero or more characters after flash ) we have….so it could give output as :

flash me

flash support

flashplugin etc…

hope you got the idea of the files generated…to learn more you could google regex pattern matching which deals with *,? and a lot of wildcard matching….will give an article on it one day soon….


happy slacking!!!


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