slackware packages installation

steps to install packages or additional softwares on slackware from slackbuilds

installing packages/softwares on slackware is slightly different from the package installers found in ubuntu or debian…

so follow the steps closely:

1. download the package from repository or any repository to your liking.

2. download the slackbuild first and then the source tar balls.

3. uncompress the slackbuilds package to a folder of your choice

slackbuild directory when tar’red (or eXtracted) after step 3, using the famous tar command one can see a “.info” file…it usually gives a working link to download the respective source files.

4. now move the source file to the new extracted folder where you had extracted the original slackbuilds tar file.

5. now run the slackbuild file….

if you are in the current directory use the short form ./ dot notation refers to current working directory or pwd in short

6. when you runs successfully you get a message saying the slackware package is created….its stored in the /tmp directory

7.  now use the “installpkg” command to install the package…..slackware does the rest for you…just sit back and relax while slackware installs your package for you….


slackbuiulds how to

the answer marked as correct with the green tick mark in the below stackexchange URL shows how you can download and install the flashplugin package for slackware…neatly done…all credits to the author….

so thats installation of package on slackware….cheers!!!

now for all the libraries or packages you ever wanted, hold on for a sec and check if you have a slackbuild alternative then you are good to go….

happy slacking!!!


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