audio working in laptop speakers but not on my HDMI

this post is for people who got their audio working right on your laptop speakers and trying to fix their HDMI output…

well in my thoughts if it works for the HDMI it should work the other way round too so it should work for no sounds too…so follow these steps closely…

1.  lsmod | grep snd

check if you have a line that says snd_intel which means the below steps would probably work for intel users

2. if you want to check the name of your audio card a few details of it

 lsmod | grep snd

3. note the below step…it will tell you where your hardware outputs are stored

 aplay -l

if you see the word HDMI in it you have reached safe quarters

now note down the numbers next to card and device usually 0 and 3 not guaranteed always….

4. now check if you have an asound.conf file in /etc/asound.conf using ur favourite editor….

if not dont worry just create one with your fav editor…under /etc/

nano /etc/asound.conf

paste the below lines in it

pcm.!default {
type hw
card 0
device 3
ctl.!default {
type hw
card 0
device 3

then check the device and card number mentioned….

you can reboot the device or run mplayer directly…..again the choice of player is completely yours too….

*for users who looking for laptop working check for the card and device number and change it….

*and will work on slack builds now to install softwares on our slackware…you can find the post coming soon….actually a reminder to myself too



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